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How I overcame Psoriasis | Kent Trussell

In 1980, I completely cleared an 80% body cover within 6 months. Today I enjoy a 99% remission 99% of the time.

I turned 60 in August 2011. I first ‘got’ psoriasis at age 10. Based on a lifetime’s experience, I wrote How I Overcame Psoriasis in 2001. The information in those 288 pages remains totally valid and will be useful to you – tips, treatments and solutions.

As a psoriatic, we have an autoimmune disease that manifests itself on several levels. Taking control and being clear involves treating the skin’s surface, knowing dietary and metabolic individuality, and deciding to do something about it – applying our brilliant brain.

Surface Healing

Our skin cells are regenerating far too quickly, causing extraordinary losses of vitamin and mineral nutrients. The first thing we can do is restore the scaly patches (plaques) to flexible areas of skin.

Natural oils – vegetable, seed and nut oils – and herb-based creams are best. Apply your choice of oil(s) to the affected parts as often as necessary. If the plaque is thick and crusty remove this either as a part of the oil’s application or preceding it. We do best when we use gentle ways of getting in touch with ourselves.

Bath soaps, detergents, shampoos and conditioners can be anathema to sensitive skin. The skin has an acid mantle … it is most important to maintain the skin in an acid state.

Alkaline soaps and detergents adversely affect even healthy skin and scalps. The alkali in soap removes the natural protective oils. Try liquid Castile soap. Avoid medicated soaps that contain sulphur, terebene, salicylic acid, carbolic acid, corrosive sublimate (mercuric acid), and (mineral) tar.

Psoriasis Diet

Yes, diet is fundamental in treating psoriasis. However “diet” is misleading, as there are numerous factors involved in our psoriatic “gut”. These are many and varied, and there is not the space here to describe them all. Meanwhile this is important:

“… there is a fair chance that the body is overloaded with toxins. One must do whatever is possible to reduce the intake of toxins … there is need to provide all essential nutrients to normalise the metabolism of the body. This simply means to make the body work as it should."

In my experience most dairy foods are off the menu. I have an excruciating reaction to cheese – eczema of the anus. There are possible ‘trigger foods’ that we should be aware of: members of the nightshade family (capsicum, chillies, eggplant, tomatoes, peanuts), mushrooms. You should also research leaky gut, and your body’s tolerance of proteins and certain amino acids (e.g., taurine).

Your diet is not causing your psoriasis. Managing your diet will help you manage your psoriasis. You need to be an adult about this. You need to take personal control of your situation. Just as you will get relief by using natural products to soothe your skin, you will help your body heal itself with good nutrition. Decide to do it for yourself.

Take control

You and I decide whether or not we have this thing. Okay, we have it. So let’s decide to not have it. Can you do that? I did. It is the ‘secret’ to ridding that 80% cover and honestly, I was riddled with it.

The key is personal control. You have to want it for yourself. You might need some help – I found it through hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis.

I have lapsed and suffered, and 30 years later am a perfect example of FREEDOM. Well, almost. Remember, I am 99% clear. I still have chronic problems with my fingernails and toenails. I put this down to a love of wine, and therefore this invitation to an acidic system. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in 750ml water, sipped throughout the day can maintain the body's pH balance. Sometimes I remember to do this; so you see, I am as "normal" as you are.

In any case – Take Control. You can do it.
You will need to begin with natural therapies for surface treatment and examine your diet. Overall, you will have to decide that YOU are in control, and that YOU WANT THIS NEW YOU.

Be wary of anyone offering a Psoriasis cure.
There are 86,000 words in my book to help and inform you. "Cure" is not among them – not yet.

You will find lots of information there.

Ultimately you will heal yourself as long as you have the right information and the will to use it wisely. It is your choice.

Thank you for visiting.
Good health to you.

Kent Trussell
Brisbane, Australia, November 2011